From Deborah Smith, NYTimes Bestselling Author of the Crossroads Café Series

"Alex is thorough with her edits and consistently explains rules of grammar, particularly if it’s a recurring habit. Her attention to detail made my writing stronger, and her keen eye caught errors like town names with two different spellings. She takes the time to investigate facts to make sure they’re correct and/or refer to the correct time period. She makes my life much easier because now I don’t have to worry as much and can just get my words on the page."



From Rob Sangster, EPIC Award-winning Author of No Return


"Alexandra Christle did an excellent job editing my most recent novel. When she questioned my accuracy concerning some statement of fact, she did the research needed to save me a bit of embarrassment. She was unerring in catching omissions and inconsistencies that would have kept the dots from connecting. She noticed when some twist in my convoluted plot needed more explanation to be understood. She consistently provided notes to explain gently why certain of her edits were needed. When she was finished, I came away with a better book and no bruises. I hope she is available to edit my next book.”

From Jenna Jaxon, Bestselling Romance Author

"Alex Christle has been editing my books for years and I wouldn’t have it any other way. She’s got a great eye for detail, understands what the big publishing companies and agents want to see (or not see) in a manuscript, and has a thorough knowledge and understanding of English grammar and punctuation. She’s my go-to person if I need to know where to put that comma. I highly recommend Alex for your editing needs, both content and copy edits. Your manuscript couldn’t be in better hands."