We can design your bookmarks, postcards, artwork for your promo items, and make sure they are correct and can be used by the promo company or commercial printer. You will be provided with ALL of the artwork, fonts, colors, and every format for the files (hi-resolution PDF, .ai, .eps, .jpeg, and .png, plus the original InDesign and Illustrator files), so you'll always have what you need to reorder, and the information and files you'll need if you ever want to make changes to the artwork.

FREE OF CHARGE: We will also advise you on what to tell your cover artist, so you can be sure your cover art and subsequent promo item purchases will be correct and professional-looking.

Need cover art? We have a list of artists we will share with you, and you can visit their websites for more information.

Prices and images will be posted soon.

Promotional Items


Before you take your artwork to the office or shipping store to have it printed, compare our prices on swag. We can professionally print chapter booklets, bookmarks, postcards, general, almost anything flat.