Who am I?

Alexandra Christle is an award-winning author who also provides professional editing services for Belle Books/BellBridge Books,

and The Wild Rose Press.

The string of letters behind her name includes a BJ (Bachelor of Journalism) from the University of Missouri, a BA in English from Columbia College, and a MS in Education from Old Dominion University.


She has worked for newspapers, as a high school English teacher, as an adjunct professor for a community college, and as a graphic designer for a commercial print shop.

She has edited works for best-selling author Deborah Smith, award-winners Rob Sangster and Jenna Jaxon, and others.

She loves to read and loves to write. And she has a passion for the written word...used correctly.

Why are my prices so much lower

than other editors' rates?

Because editing is not my main source of income. I do this because I want to help other writers put out the best book they can. I do this because the self-publishing world is glutted with poorly-written tomes, and that hurts all writers.

There is no other industry (of which I am aware) where the members are more willing to help their competitors. Because as writers, we understand that not every reader loves every book/style/genre, and there are enough readers out there for all of us to be successful--as long as our work is worthy. So my belief is, when I help you polish your story, it helps all of us.

That is my commitment, and promise, to you.

Contact me:

or:                            Alexandra Christle

                          PO Box 1322, Norfolk, VA 23501