Yes, you need an editor!


  • Because no matter how good your writing is, you're too close to your work.

  • Because no matter how good your grammar is, no one knows every rule, not even professional editors. But they do read day-in and day-out, and they do know what typical errors to look for. And again, you know what your sentence is supposed to say, and that's what you will see.

  • Because no matter how much research you do, you may have an erroneous fact. Professional editors help with more than just grammar issues. They will check facts, look for common--and uncommon--mistakes, misspelled character names (yes, this happens,) changed characteristics like eye or hair color (yes, this happens,) or what time it is in Beijing or Afghanistan when it's 2:00 in New York. (Yup. That happens, too.)

We offer manuscript editing and proofreading for self-published authors, or anyone who wants a final read before submitting to an agent or publisher.